Our Credo

Your story is about finding experiences that are eclectic, enhancing and embracing; embroidered with simplicity and sophistication. Our philosophy is to make sure that all your expectations are fulfilled ... through extraordinary and exciting activities.


We take an enthusiastic approach to design vibrant and high quality holiday packages for small groups; discerning groups who expect to travel with a company which maintain high ethical values. We care about your need and reason to explore a foreign destination.


We demonstrate our commitment to you through partnerships with locals who are not only well-known in the luxury market, but also have credible reputations among groups of travelers the world over.

What separates us from the pack is our passion to take a different route, by combining some luxury with the ordinary and down-to-earth stuff, and adding a twist of unusual for true authenticity. Our holidays are not what you’d expect in a tour package, it is what you want in a tour package.


We are a small brand and we don’t claim to have made our mark alongside the rest of the pack. We actually don’t want to be seen as being ‘one of the pack’. We strive to become the company of choice for only those who see travel as an enlightening and enriching experience. Our ethics combined with what you want to experience, completes the picture of your holiday of a lifetime.

Our Ethics

Your Experience

* Professional

* Expert

* Humble

* Respectful 

* Original

* Inspiring

* Quality Products

* Regal Treatment

* Valuable Interactions

* Immersive Experiences

* Superior Knowledge

* Enhanced Perceptions

* New Friendships Gained

* Old Relationships Re-Kindled

* Irreplaceable Memories


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