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                   Alluring Europe


Despite its relatively small size, Europe was occupied by numerous empires, kingdoms and republics for millennia. Due to this, it is now home to a colorful mosaic of peoples and cultures.

It’s therefore not surprising that the cities, towns, villages and hamlets are interspersed with thought-provoking archaeological sites, abundant historical heritage and impressive landmarks.


Europe’s gorgeous landmass feature majestic mountain ranges, deep gorges, intriguing caves and underground tunnels, sparkling streams, major rivers, numerous natural hot springs, verdant countryside, captivating coastlines and pristine forests characterized by vast national parks.


The countryside is unspoiled by tourist hordes and thronging crowds, making it a pleasure to discover gems that only the locals know about. The locals being those inhabitants who are from the particular area, and not those from the cities and towns; since many of them have yet to discover what makes these places so special with adventurous tourists.  


Charming little villages and picturesque hamlets are situated amid lush surroundings and the different scents of the vegetation is a perfect accompaniment for the serene environment.


Interesting towns feature beautifully preserved historical towns, and just across the street, the “new” towns. This gives you numerous opportunities to learn how the town evolved from its humble beginnings to its present status of a thriving iconic town. 

Slov_Cz_Rep_Clement_Strahov Monast.jpg

But the major thing that will leave a lasting impression on you is the inhabitants. Between the cities, towns, villages and hamlets, you will soon notice the contrasting lifestyles, learn that the same language sounds slightly different because of the different dialects.


And then the different lifestyles – one more concerned with "modernity" and the other eager to display a culture kept alive by donning traditional clothing while going about their everyday lives as though time stood still in their world.


Celebration of ancient events, folkloric entertainment and great story-telling is the highlight of the countryside. Just one trip from the city to the countryside will give you a “culture shock” that will be forever etched in your memory.


If you're a first-time traveler with a desire to visit just one destination in Europe it can be a daunting task deciding which destination to visit first. So how do you decide between 44 countries, each with its own unique culture, languages and identity? And if you’re a seasoned traveler you know that your task isn't any easier.

Our 14 and 18-day European vacation packages might just provide you with the answer... seasoned traveler or not!

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