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         Risk-Free Reservation Policies





Make a reservation now – and only request a non-obligatory quote for a “firm booking” between 01 December 2022 to 31 December 2023 to take advantage of our flexible terms and conditions. When you make a reservation, we only add your name to the list, but it doesn’t mean that we actually “book” you on your preferred tour. You need to request a quote and accept the quote by making a payment for your reservation to be regarded as a “firm booking”.  




We have started our very first VIP Club Membership programme, and all our products are related to the VIP Club. This means that as a VIP Club member you will receive exclusive rewards that are not available to non-members.


When you complete the opt-inform you will automatically become a VIP Club Member, based on the particular Term Agreement you accept as mentioned below. It should be noted that member rewards are different for each VIP membership level.


Gold VIP Club Member – 6-Month Term Agreement

Platinum VIP Club Member – 3-Month Term Agreement


Complete the form below to register on our 14 or 18-day All-inclusive, Luxury Cultural Tours for 2024. You will receive extensive info for the particular tour that interests you, together with information on the Gold and Platinum VIP Club Memberships. 

1. "Reservations" means that we only reserve your seat. You are not obliged to request a quote from us until you want to, and we are not obliged to hold the seat for you unless you requested/received a quote and paid the deposit/full price for the tour according to the related Terms & Conditions. 

2. "Making a Firm Booking" means that you accepted a quote that we provided to you on your request, and paid the deposit or full amount for the tour. This means that you are officially booked on a tour and that your booking is included in reservations with service providers in the tour destination, airline tickets, visas, etc. You may cancel at any time, and the usual terms and conditions for cancellation will apply.  


Gold & Platinum VIP Club Member Registration

Choose Your Preferred Destination
Choose Your VIP Club Membership

Thanks for registering ... we'll be in touch soon!

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