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         Risk-Free Booking Policies





Make a booking – and only request a non-obligatory quote to reserve your seat when you're ready to travel with us. When you make a BOOKING AT ANY TIME, we only add your name to the list, but it doesn’t mean that we actually “reserve your seat” for your preferred vacation package. You need to request a quote and accept the quote by paying the required deposit for your booking - for it (the booking) to be regarded as a reservation. However, you have the peace of mind that should there be a space available by the time you are ready to make a reservation, your seat is secured. After making a reservation, you have the privilege to switch to another tour for whatever reason. However, you should keep in mind that the switch will only be considered if there is a space available on the "new" tour. Such changes should be made 90 days prior to departure and the cost of the "new" tour might be more. The difference should be settled 90 days before departure. Cancellation Terms are flexible and you can cancel a reservation up to 3 months (90 days) before departure of a tour. 


1. "Booking" means that we only add you to the reservation list of your choice of vacation. 

2. "Reservation" means that we only reserve a seat for your chosen vacation AFTER you've requested/accepted a quote from us and paid the required deposit. You may cancel your reservation up to 3 months (90 days) before departure of the tour. 

3. "Cancellation" means (as already mentioned before) that you may cancel your reservation up to 3 months (90 days) before departure of a tour. Cancellation after this period depend on special circumstances as mentioned in the Cancellation Schedule that you'll receive after accepting our quote. It should be noted that you will be liable for cancellation fees based on the Cancellation Terms and Conditions of Travel Suppliers, as well as our administration fees.


Your Booking: Gold  & Platinum VIP Club Membership

Gold VIP Club Member – 6-Month Term Agreement

Platinum VIP Club Member – 3-Month Term Agreement

When you complete the opt-in form below, you will automatically become a VIP Club Member, based on the particular Term Agreement you accept as mentioned above.


Special Invitations

"Special Invitations" are reserved for those who pay a once-off amount for a vacation (full price of the tour). You will be upgraded to a higher level of tiers, and it's up to you to accept the invitation. Invitations to this level of tiers are only provided AFTER you've participated in the particular tour; and not at the time payment is made, before departure or during the tour.

Each level of tiers offer different rewards - the higher the tier, the better and more exclusive the rewards. So don't delay, select a package below to automatically receive your esteemed VIP Club Membership status!


Please Note: When you opt in, you are just added to the booking list. Only once you've requested/paid for a quote will your seat be officially reserved. You can opt out at any time should you decide not to make a reservation. 

14 & 18-Day Bookings

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