Dreamy Switzerland

Most people associate Switzerland with watches, cheese, chocolate, yodelling, alphorns, and the world’s most effective rail system. But Switzerland has so much more to offer. 

It’s most interesting story is that of the Helvetians, one of the largest ancient Celtic tribes who inhabited the land 2,000 years ago, and the Romans who conquered the land for an extended period.


It also tells the story of the powerful Habsburg family that took Switzerland and the rest of the European continent by storm.


It’s most prominent claims to fame is the legacy of five brave men who changed world health forever by establishing the inimitable “Red Cross”, for which the world should be forever grateful; as well as its contribution to Protestantism, a movement that shook the Catholic world.


If you’re a lover of all kinds of art, highly preserved and living traditions, as well as immersion in local customs, you cannot give Switzerland a miss!      

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