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Our Limited Time Travel Offers & Great Discounts Category & Related Partnerships

Updated: Jul 9


We have partnered with some of the greatest online travel platforms to enable you to make seamless bookings and reservations for your travels across the globe.

To learn more about how our partnerships with them work and how you will benefit by using their travel-related products and services, read on ...

Tiqets, Hotellook, Get Transfer & CompensAir Partnerships

These Travel Supplier platforms and websites use intuitive mobile travel technology to give you easy access to famous landmarks, interesting city tours, exciting activities, valuable city passes, exclusive transportation, excellent accommodation choices and legitimate flight claims services for destinations across the world.


The Tiqets Platform partner with a multitude of major travel establishments and their instant booking and ticket delivery services makes your travel planning less burdensome. They have a free app that you can download on Android and iOS which is handy, convenient, and will help you to keep track of the progress and outcome of your bookings. 

Hotellook, GetTransfer and CompensAir gives you direct access to their travel-related products and services to ensure that you make instant bookings and reservations whenever you use their websites.


The partnerships chosen by us is especially beneficial for those who want to make their own bookings and reservations through trusted Travel Suppliers.

Just make sure that you have all your travel plans in place before making any bookings or reservations.

This will make the booking process much easier on any of our partner platforms or websites as you will know exactly what to look for when you get started.

We provide travel-related services and products on behalf of the partners mentioned; for tours, accommodation, events, famous landmarks transportation, assistance with travel flight claims and more.

We may earn a commission every time you make a purchase from their platforms or websites.

We offer this service to help you find the most affordable and most suitable sources according to your budget. We do not sell the actual travel-related products or services ourselves, nor do we make the actual reservations.

We specifically search the Tiqets platform to select the deals on offer that we believe might interest you and benefit you most. After you've gained access to the platform through one of our links, there will be other options available that you might prefer above those recommended by us.

After clicking on the links for any of the products and services featured in our blog category titled "Limited Time Offers & Great Discounts" you are re-directed to the Tiqets platform, the websites of Compensair, Gettransfer or Hotellook based on the product or service selected by you. You are then able to book the product or service of your choice directly.

We offer this service for free and we do not charge anything, markup any rates, nor add any extra fees when you use the Tiqets platform or the websites of Compensair, Gettransfer or Hotellook to make bookings and reservations for your travels.

After making your selection through one of our blogs, you will be re-directed to the related partner platform/website to complete your reservation directly with them.

We do not keep a record of your reservations or your payments and therefore don’t have the ability to cancel or amend your reservations or payments.

Any questions regarding bookings, amendments or cancellations should be taken up with our related partners on their platform/websites where you made your reservation.

We understand that our clients are concerned about the security of their transactions and you can be assured our website is fully secured (view the locked padlock in your address bar) and all transactions are through verified SSL channels even when you are directed to our trusted Partner sites.

Tiqets Platform: Advantages


1. Saves Time


It’s a one-stop shop where you can make a variety of travel bookings for your trip. One of its biggest advantages is to save you the long wait in queues to get entry to venues through their “skip the line” services. Another advantage is that you certainly  contribute to‘help save the planet’ by not having to print your tickets. Since the voucher is on your smartphone, all you have to do is to present it when you get to your destination.


2. Payment Methods


The platform offers multiple payment methods to cater for different users across the globe.


3. Reasonable Customer Support


They offer customer support to assist you with issues and enquiries. The service is available from 09:00 – 00:00 CET (Central European Time). Also available on their platform is a chat facility.


4. Help & Advice


If you’re a first-time traveler to a particular destination, they can provide you with more information about your destination through their ‘explore’ option. This option allows you to pin your location so you can see nearby attractions and other places of interest. 


5. User-Friendly Website


Their website loads fast, is user friendly and it's easy to locate whatever service you may be looking for.


6. Clear Information

Your voucher provides you with the process and information that you’ll need when you enter a venue so you know what to expect when you get there. The venue may require additional processes and manual handling so keep an eye out for such information when you receive your voucher. Make sure that all information is order, and if in doubt, contact them.


7. Exclusivity


The platform offer exclusive entry to some of the top landmarks that you can benefit from.




Like with all online applications, whether a website, an app or any other digital product, you might experience some problem or the other at some point in your journey with them. We can only hope that you’ll be able to resolve any problem that may arise satisfactorily and to your advantage.


How to Make Bookings




1. Before booking any service on the platform, it is advisable that you have prepared your budget, made a note of places of interest, and all other activities that you want to include in your trip.


2. Double-check your booking details prior to payment. Keep in mind that Tiqets' partners have their own cancellation and amendment policies, which they (Tiqets) have to adhere to. Make it a point to check the cancellation policies of partners as some are flexible while others might not allow for cancellations or changes to bookings.


3. Check that all the information is correct (email, SMS, smartphone app). If you are having problems using and claiming your voucher, Tiqets has real-time Customer Service support available through phone or chat. So make use of it.


Booking Process


* Explore the widgets and links in our blog posts and follow the easy process to gain access to the platform. You can either complete the steps in the widget or click on a particular link for the service that you need.

* Once on the platform, you can choose your destination or book tickets for attractions or landmarks, as well as entertainment to book your preferred service(s).

* You will then receive your ticket by email, SMS, or on your smartphone app, based on your choice of communication.

* When you arrive at your destination, all you have to do is show the ticket on your smarthphone and you’re in.


Group Bookings


Some venues have a limit on the number of visitors, so it’s not a good idea to make bookings for a large group. Although it is possible to make multiple bookings through the app, it is not recommended. There is a risk that partner venues may refuse entry to your group. Apart from that, bookings for large groups are not supported by the app.


Now that you know a bit more about the services and booking process at Tiqets, let’s get to who they are and where they’re from.


Tiqets is a registered company originating in Amsterdam. They were founded in 2014 by four Dutch entrepreneurs with the intention of “making culture more accessible,”by providing customers with a way to quickly and easily purchase digital tickets to attractions around the world".




If you’re still unsure about the legitimacy of the company, you can double-check the website's information pages before making any bookings. This way you can learn more about the company andsee all available options to compare prices.


Customer Reviews


We’ve made a list of reviews from a few websites and provide links to the websites for you to check out for yourself before making purchases.


Trust Pilot Reviews

Number of Reviews: 37,577

Overall Rating: Excellent

Overall Score: 4,4

5-Star Rating – 78%

4-Star Rating – 14%

3-Star Rating  - 2%

1-Star Rating – 5%


Overall Satisfaction Rating

Neutral: 65.2%

Positive Experience: 64.8%

Negative Experience: 35.2%

NLP Analysis of 18,662 combined software reviews.


Tiqets Support (includes chat) on Website

For your peace of mind, we include information for you to keep handy in case you need to contact support. They offer the following support categories:

* Booking

* Payments

* Using Your Tickets

* Changes & Cancellations

* Privacy

* Conflict Resolution


For more on their Terms and Conditions, visit the link below:

Last Thoughts


We’ve partnered with Tiqets, Hotellook, CompensAir and GetTransfer because we not only believe that they are a good fit for our own product offerings, but because we believe that their products and services is especially suitable to those who prefer to do their own travel planning.


If you fall into this category, we recommend that you try out their services. To get started, check out our blog posts in this category – you’ll find links in each post that might be just what you need for your next trip.


We sincerely hope that this article will give you better insight into our partnerships with Tiqets, Hotellook, CompensAir and GetTransfer to help you make an informed choice when using their services.


Your Input


Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts with us.


Whether your comments evolve around previous experiences with our Travel Partners, questions that you may have, or anything else that you’d like to share with us and our readers … we’d love to hear from you!


Your input is important to us and our readers; and it will certainly be most useful to first-time travelers. So get typing!

Affiliate Links

Disclosure: Please note that we have relationships with the travel suppliers mentioned on our website and blog. If you purchase from them using any of the links provided in our "Limited Time Offers & Great Discounts" Category, we may receive a commission as already explained previously, at no extra cost to you. Please read our terms and privacy policy below. Thank you!

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