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2024: Slovakia 18-Day Vacation

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14 & 18-day Packages

Duration: 18 Days Summary Tour Date: Between Mid-May/Mid-June Itinerary Arrival Prievaly Accommodation: Rest – Introductions/Lunch - Spa Treatment – Welcome Dinner: Prievaly Accommodation. Day after Arrival: Event: Folklore Festival in Bratislava – Dinner in Bratislava. Day 1: Prievaly – Bratislava – Casta – Modra –Dinner in Modra. Day 2: Prievaly – Beckov Accommodation: Rest – Trencin – Dinner in Trencin. Day 3: Beckov – Kyjov, Czech Rep. Accommodation: Rest – Kyjov – Dinner in Kyjov. Day 4: Kyjov – Lednice Accommodation: Rest – Lednice – Brno – Dinner in Brno. Day 5: Ledenice – Čičmany, Slovakia Accommodation: Rest – Čičmany – Rajecká Lesná – Martin – Dinner in Martin. Day 6: Čičmany – Ruzomberok Accommodation: Rest – Ruzomberok – Vlkolinec – Liptovsky Mikulas – Dinner in Liptovsky Mikulas. Day 7: Ruzomberok – Spišska Kapitula Accommodation: Rest – Spišska Kapitula – Spišské Podrhadie – Dinner in Spišské Podrhadie. Day 8: Spišska Kapitula – Betliar – Košice – Dinner in Košice. Day 9: Spišska Kapitula – Banská Bystrica Accommodation: Rest – Banská Bystrica – Bojnice – Dinner in Bojnice. Day 10: Banská Bystrica – St. Petrus Vini Accommodation: Rest – St. Petrus Vini – Celemantia – Komarno – Dinner in Komarno. Day 11: St. Petrus Vini – Patý, Hungary Accommodation – Rest: Patý – Esztergom – Szentendre – Dinner in Szentendre. Day 12: Patý – Budapest –– Dinner in Budapest. Day 13: Patý – Pannonhalma Arch Abbey – Györ – Dinner in Györ. Day 14: Patý – Patý, St. Petrus Vini, Slovakia Accommodation – Rest: Nitra – Dinner in Nitra. End of Tour Rest Day 1: Suggested Activities: group choose what they want to do for the day (TBA). Rest Day 2: Spa Treatment – Farewell Dinner. Changes to Itineraries: Itineraries are due to change and the changes will be reflected in the Final Itinerary, together with information about special events. This includes tour dates. Due notice will be given if a tour has to be cancelled because of unforeseen events that might affect the health and safety of travellers.

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