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Slovakia: Luxury, Authentic Cultural Holidays


10 Days Holiday 2020


26 June to 05 July


Czech Republic 2 days

Hungary ½ day               

Slovakia ... tumultuous ancient history, and a Velvet Divorce from Czechoslovakia in 1993, and finally independent. Appreciate the beauty of a young country untouched by major upheavals – majestic mountains giving way to rolling hills and river valleys, where life is slow, and pulsating cities alive with the Slovak spirit of survival.  Experience a rich culture originating from ancient folklore, and which seem to differ from village to village. Engross yourself in the tales of historic towns and villages that are hundreds of years old. Enjoy the fables and feats relating to impressive world heritage sites. Be fascinated by the ancient caves with vaulted roofs and stalactites. Enjoy world-class wines and traditional national cuisine. Show your dance moves to the locals and ape theirs, for an evening of ‘crawling out of your shell”.       

14 Days Holiday 2020



22 June to 05 July


Czech Republic 2 days

Hungary 2½ days

Northern Hungary & the Danube Bend

The Danube is Europe’s second longest river and the mountains around it turn it into a picturesque landscape. North of Budapest the Danube takes a sharp turn toward the south where you will come face-to-face with medieval castles, the Hungarian cradle of Christianity, small towns with baroque architecture and a Mediterranean atmosphere. The region is a historic buff’s dream, and a nature fanatic’s paradise.

You will learn about a 1,000-year old abbey, and get involved in a variety of interesting activities on the extensive abbey grounds. The abbey has a restaurant where you can regain your strength, a gift shop where you can buy souvenirs, and a winery where you can slake your thirst. Visiting the old towns of some of the bigger cities, you’ll soon discover streets that lead to stately squares with beautiful baroque and neoclassical architecture and regal stucco facades. If you ever wondered where the saying “a river runs through it” was coined, you’ll come across such a city. 

If you take a boat trip around the bend, you will admire the ever-changing scenery, while sipping delectable wines. On your visit to a charming city known for its beautiful arts, you will discover an open-air museum and re-live the Hungarian past.  

Czech Republic

Remember the Velvet Divorce? During this period the Communist regime collapsed, and today the Czech Republic thrives. In the Zlin region, the cultural landscape stems from three prominent ethnographic areas, namely, Wallachia, Moravia and Haná. Moravia has beautiful vineyard scenery, historical gardens, archaeological excavations and outstanding heritage buildings. Here you will learn why they take special pride in being the top beer guzzlers in the world. They make magic with molten chocolate that will make you drool. Immerse yourself in their distinct coffee-house culture. Get carried away at their live jazz scenes. Figure out why they have a bizarre attachment to the dead, as you stare in awe at hundreds of skeletons. 

You will be transported to the 15th century when you learn about one of the most important rulers of Hungary, and discover where the Hungarian state was born.