Spellbinding Hungary

Hungary is like no other place on earth if you’re a history buff. You will truly be astonished by this tiny country’s colourful, historical tapestry; a tapestry that dates to 250,000 to 500,000 years ago.

Ancient human footprints, tools, a skull found at Vértesszóllós, and objects used for aesthetic or ceremonial purposes nearby in Tata, are a drop in the bucket of the country’s rich historical heritage. One trip to Hungary will heighten your curiosity about the country and leave you with a burning desire to return and discover more.  

Water is life in Hungary, and wine is blood, and you will discover what this means as you explore and discover the rich history that makes Hungary such an exciting place. Lake Balaton is Hungary’s very own inland sea. And Hungary really has a city where the water runs through it.


Apart from water and a lively spa culture, it’s elegantly garbed Hussars (light cavalrymen) whose history dates back six centuries is a symbol of a wildly exciting Hungarian culture, just like its esteemed Palinka. Refuse a shot of this fruit brandy at your own peril and confusion. It is the all-cure for all ailments according to the Hungarian nagymamák (grandmas).


According to them, Palinka in small amounts is a medicine, and in large amounts it’s a remedy. Are you up for the challenge of finding a cure to your ailments?


And how about going back to a time when lands were wild and people were brave enough to take on the unknown in a spectacular way?


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