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Latest on Covid-19 & the War in Ukraine

According to reliable economic and travel sources, international travel will get easier but cross-border restrictions may not recover to pre-Covid levels until 2024. Add to this the challenge that Europe, the USA and Canada find themselves in with the Ukraine-Russia war, it seems they might be right. Especially so, if you’re planning on going to Europe.

With this said, the recovery for cross- border travel will be uneven. Also keep in mind that these assumptions are based on restrictions on international points that are still tight. For example, only three countries – Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico – impose no restrictions on visitors. While nearly 88 countries are still closed completely, and may have draconian policies in place. But as vaccination rates climb and infections fall, rules will be relaxed and routes will re-open.

It was hoped that Europe could be back to nearly four-fifths of pre-pandemic levels in 2022, but with the war going on, most travelers feel that they will rather wait it out.

This is a bit of a set-back for our travels to Europe, as we have to once again play the wait-and-see game.


Our tours for Germany, Hungary, and Slovakia have been cancelled for 2023, leaving us with one tour – to Switzerland for 2023. 

However, we are working on launching new tours to safer destinations in Europe, and will add them to our website as soon as we've established whether the cancelled tours will be good to go in 2024. If conditions in the cancelled destinations have changed favorably, those tours will be available for 2024. 

What I can recommend with the cancelled tours, is that if you want to travel in 2024, our risk-free and obligation-free offer will stand. Just ensure that you make a reservation by September 2023, and you’ll be added to the waiting list. And remember, you don’t have to pay a cent for making a reservation – so if you do decide not to travel with us in 2024, your pocket won’t feel a thing!