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COVID-19 & Its Effects On  Travel

We’ve been monitoring the COVID-19 situation worldwide to see how the various vaccines are doing. During this time, all seemed well in developed countries after they reached the prescribed percentage of vaccinated citizens. However, it seems the virus will have none of it and the world seems to have reached a never-ending battle to contain the virus.


Certain countries were hit by new variants, which were passed on to other countries by travellers from the variant-affected countries. Apart from that, some of the most-vaccinated countries have also been seeing a spike in COVID-19 cases with those who have already received all the necessary vaccines, meaning that those countries are now at the stage where they have to follow the same route as Israel with booster shots.


This indicates that the virus seems to have become a problem that countries across the world will have to deal with long-term.


Which brings us to our European destinations.


As you know, our main European destinations have done everything in their power to stem the virus, while some of our secondary destinations have struggled getting their vaccination programmes underway and convincing its citizens that the virus is “real”. A case in point is Romania, where things have gone completely haywire.


For this reason we have decided to put our tours on hold for another year by pushing it back to 2023. I am hoping that the situation in not only Europe, but all countries across the globe will have improved by then, and that the world has complete control over the virus and its devastating effects. 


Until then, be patient, and if you’re allowed to travel in your country, I would advise that you rather go that route instead of travelling abroad.


However, if you feel that the travel itch is too great and you just can’t wait until 2023, we are able to help you plan your trip, whether you want to go local or still want to take that overseas trip. We will be able to give you updated information regarding COVID-19 and other safety measures in place to ensure that the area you want to visit is safe for travel, as well as organise your travel from A – Z to give you peace of mind.


If you’ve organised your own trip before you know how it ate into your precious time. Allowing us to help you with your travel plans will save you hours “crawling” the internet like you’re one of Google’s “human” bots.


We don’t mind doing things like we’re Google’s personal “human” bots -  it’s our job to ensure that you have a memorable and safe vacation; whether you travel with one of our groups in 2023 or whether you want us to help you plan a local or overseas vacation for the near future.


A very favourable plus is that we have the professional network connections to help us better plan your vacation on your behalf . Visit our "Luxury Travel Planning Services" page to learn more about our offers, and contact us at any time with your request.  


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Safe travels!