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        Authentic Cultural Experiences


Experience Authentic Culture

Eclectic, enhancing and embracing; embroidered with simplicity and sophistication. These are our journeys.

Travel is transformational and our offers are meant for you to be transformed. We believe that travel should educate, enrich and give a better perception into the uniqueness of a destination 

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Why Choose Us?

What makes us different? We strive to provide exceptional vacation packages for travellers who seek to explore the authenticity of a destination. Travellers who want to "see"  the destination through the eyes of the inhabitants.   

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New! Travel Blog

Watch out for the first issue starting in March 2023! 

Small Group Tours


Experience Genuine Culture Through Immersive Experiences


If you’re tired of the generalized view of what a luxury vacation should and shouldn’t be, then join us on one of our 2024 European tours. As beauty is said to be “in the eye of the beholder” the same can indeed be said about a genuine, authentic luxury cultural experience.


Our tours are different. They allow you to see the destination through the eyes of its inhabitants. Fulfill your passion to learn more, experience more, and understand more about the unique characteristics of a destination. Join us on one of our memorable European vacations in 2024.

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14 & 18-Day, Exciting & Extraordinary Cultural Vacations 

We don't do mediocre or run-of-the-mill 'luxury cultural vacations' ... we do exciting and exhilarating exploration and discovery into the world of the inhabitants of the destinations we visit.

We partner with highly reputable travel suppliers in our tour destinations to ensure that your experiences are memorable. They are well-known for providing excellent and top-notch services to small groups in the luxury sector, have the expertise and knowledge of the regions they serve, and understand the needs of travelers who are seeking a unique cultural experience. We only partner with companies who share our values. The values of our Clients are important to us, and we design our itineraries to suit each individual in the group based on their differing values.

Our vacations are for explorers, discoverers, and adventurers. If this is you, we can't wait to make your wanderlusful acquaintance!

Risk-free, Obligation-Free Reservations

Earn Exclusive Rewards, Become A Gold or Platinum VIP Club Member
VIP-1428267_1920 (1)_SK_Pixabay.png

We are pleased to let you know that the long-awaited VIP Club has finally been implemented. We are excited to get you on board, and if you're interested in how you can become an elite member of the Gold or Platinum VIP Club, we will be happy to provide you with extensive information.

Although each level of our VIP Club comes with different awards, these awards improve with your VIP level and all awards are for VIP Club Members-only. 

The Gold and Platinum VIP Memberships are aligned with  our 14 and 18-day Vacation Packages and for you to qualify, all you have to do is sign up. 


This will allow you to make a risk-free, obligation-free reservation on our 14 and 18-day All-inclusive, Luxury, Authentic Cultural tours for 2024. You can make a firm booking whenever you are ready to travel with us, whether in 2024 or beyond.


Joining one of these levels will ensure that we put you on our Reservations list to secure your seat if you decide to travel with us. 

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Free Subscriptions to the Bronze VIP Club 

If you feel that you are not ready for the Gold or Platinum VIP Membership yet, why not start as a “Free” subscriber to our Monthly Newsletter? You will instantly receive the following:

Free EU, Schengen and ETIAS Entry Requirements Guide, Covid-19 Entry Guide and Other Health and Safety Alerts to ensure that you stay safe and healthy while traveling in Europe, together with regular updates. Being a free subscriber also gives you enough time to decide whether you want to upgrade your subscription to the elevated Bronze Level II Membership, Silver, Gold or Platinum levels membership. Remember, as you grow your membership, your rewards also improve to include better benefits at each level. 

Delay in ETIAS

The ETIAS launch date has yet again been delayed in August 2022, and the new launch date has now apparently been set for November 2023.

The authorities of the Schengen Visa Info has made enquiries about the change in date with the EU Commission but is still awaiting a response from them. 

Becoming a member of our esteemed VIP Club will put you in a position to remain up-to-date with developments and the differences between Schengen and ETIAS entry requirements for European destinations at all times; as it is part of our service to you as a valued VIP Club Member. 


Learn more about the ETIAS, Schengen & Countries outside the EU, as well as How to Sign Up for your FREE VIP Membership Here!


Luxury Vacation Planning Services 

If you're planning a vacation for 2023, we are the perfect choice to help you get started with planning right away. Let us take the pressure of planning your vacation yourself off your plate. Think what you can do with the precious hours and days that you will be saving planning the vacation yourself. Imagine what you'll be doing with that precious time while someone else (us) take care of all your holiday plans for you.


For example, spending quality time with loved ones who deserve to have you to themselves; hanging out with pals to reminisce about the good old days; finishing that horrible project like a pro after it gave you sleepless nights; and just taking time out for yourself - doing whatever tickles your fancy at a particular moment or time.


Does that sound like you died and went to heaven? It can be whatever you want it to be. 


Utilizing our professional services will help you re-take you life from wherever it disappeared to. It will help you take charge of the things that really matter to you now, at this moment in time; while we sweat it out - to make sure that your "vacation of a lifetime" is perfectly planned and executed on your behalf. 


Sounds like a deal not to be eschewed? Cool, so let's talk business and get started with the process!   

Read more about our Luxury Vacation Planning Services Here.

Alluring Europe

Europe is an absolutely fascinating destination. Despite its small size, it has become the most visited destination and also the top destination in the world, according to the WTO, with France leading the pack for decades.  

Find out what makes Europe so mesmerising to most travelers across the globe Here

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