Our reason for travel is curiosity - so that we can better understand the people we meet on our travels. What is yours?

Small Group All-Inclusive, Luxury Authentic Cultural Holidays 

Meaningful & Transformative Journeys

The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware; joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware. 

Henry Miller (1891 - 1980). American Writer & Artist. 

Holidays That Will Change Your Perception

How do you define a luxury holiday abroad? Is it about indulging in excesses that you can experience at home? Is it about a quest for self-discovery and exploration? Do you want meaningful experiences that will make a difference to your outlook on life?


Our journeys are exciting, educational, enriching and enlightening. Traveling with us will expand your horizons and give you great insight into what makes a destination and its peoples unique. 

Our groups are small and intimate, giving you ample opportunities to grow closer to loved ones who share the holiday with you. Bond with individuals in your small group and explore new friendships. Share wonderful moments and collect a treasure trove of memories for life. 

Our experienced tour leader will ensure that all your needs are taken care of. Your local tour guides will make sure you get under the skin of the locals.


Enjoy exclusive activities reserved for your special group. Join in the fun with unusual activities to satisfy your adventurous spirit. Experience the ultimate holiday of a lifetime - travel with us! 

The PhenixII Difference

Eclectic, enhancing and embracing; embroidered with simplicity and sophistication. These are our journeys. 


Immerse & Experience

Delve deep into the character of our destinations as you discover places that will take your breath away.

Explore awesome ancient histories in museums and archaeological sites.

Get to know the local artists and their   extraordinary talent in art galleries.

Take a break on an ancient squares while  secretive statues watch your every move.

Slake your thirst at beautiful fountains and learn the history of the fountain. 

Stroll through cobbled streets in ancient villages and learn the history of interesting inhabitants of old.

Join us if you want to know more about our exciting adventures, for a truly immersive experience! 

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2022 & Beyond: Europe Destinations

Intriguing Slovakia

Amid the highest peaks of the Carpathian Mountains lies a beautiful ancient paradise with 180 castles, 425 châteaux, 20 UESCO World Heritage sites, and the world’s first protected folk culture reserve.

Why US?

We believe that an overseas holiday is not just “any” holiday. It’s special. Special in a way that will enrich us and give us a new perspective about the destinations we visit. We know and understand that it’s better to experience a destination close and personal. We dig deep into the character to uncover the real heartbeat that makes the destination unique. Travelling with us will put you on a path of self-discovery so you can own something that you will always carry with you: precious memories. 

Our Expertise

Our knowledge of the destinations combined with the expertise of local professionals helps us to design itineraries that are interesting, varied and focused on providing top-class services and exclusive experiences. We focus on what’s important to you when you travel, and make sure that we rise to the occasion to fulfil your every need. We put ourselves in your shoes, try to see travel the way you see it, and picture what you value most in life. 

Our focus

We focus on giving you access to activities that you will never find through hours of searching online. Our partners are knowledgeable and professional. They are locals with a passion for serving small groups who are seeking experiences that are enlightening and personal. Together we create itineraries that are bound to change your outlook about the destination and its people forever. We make sure that we get to know you a little bit – before the journey, so we can tailor our tours to suit your interests and taste.