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South Africa

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Be transported to your own holiday wonderland. 
Connect with our small intimate group and invite a family member, a friend or two along.
Join hands for an intoxicating holiday.
A holiday where excitement, warm welcomes, and spellbinding memories exist.
Covid  - 19
           2020 Tours might be cancelled due to the Coronavirus. 
We might cancel our 2020 tours, but bear in mind that they will be available for 2021.  

 Our 2020 European Destinations

If unusual is what you’re looking for in a holiday, our 10 and 14-day tours will take you on a journey ... far from the madding crowds. Even if you can’t always escape the crowds, the secrets revealed to you will make the crowds irrelevant and inconspicuous.


Let us show you why our destinations are unique ...

    Our Philosophy is ...

         Your Story 

                Eclectic, Embracing, Enriching, Extraordinary

This is what you want in a holiday. This is what we give you when you journey with us.

Simplicity and Sophistication
Secrets that only the locals know
Stories, tales and fables uncovered
Secrets that only the locals know
   Experiences beyond imagination