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    Slovakia Holidays

14 Days                                          Date: TBA   

Czech Rep.: 2 Days                    Hungary: ½ Day                         

18 Days                                    

Date: TBA  

Czech Republic: 2 Days      Hungary: 2½ Days

Slovakia ... tumultuous ancient history and a Velvet Divorce did nothing to the Slovak spirit of survival. For such a tiny country, it has an astounding collection of well-preserved historic heritage, making it a pleasure to explore. The captivating towns and villages are hundreds of years old, interspersed with a fascinating mosaic of different cultures. During your journey you will realize that the inhabitants have much to be proud of, considering the country’s troubled history.

  Switzerland Holidays 

14 Days                                  Date: TBA

France: 2½ Days     

18 Days                                    Date: TBA

Italy: 2 Days                           

France: 2½ Days 

Switzerland is the only country in Europe without a harrowing history of invasions by other nations.  This legacy is apparent in the diversity of the country, with predominantly Swiss, French and Italian cultures. The country has a lively jazz scene, and hosts some of the world’s biggest and most outstanding festivals in more than one location. And if you’re a chocolate lover, you will have ample opportunities to indulge in this dreamy concoction.

 Germany Holidays

14 Days   

Date: TBA

France: 2½ Days    

18 Days 

Date: TBA

Luxembourg: 2 Days

France: 2½ Days 

Rhineland Palatinate is a German state of fairy tales and legends. It is also home to no fewer than six wine-growing regions. Saarland is known for having changed nationalities about eight times before it finally became part of Germany. Baden-Wurttemburg is well-known for the Black Forest with its numerous spa resorts, thermal baths and wellness hotels. All three regions are characterized by pretty villages, castles, palaces and gardens that are just amazing. But the most outstanding characteristic about these regions is that it was once under the rule of the mighty Roman Empire, and you will certainly be blown away by the ancient traces left behind by them.

Hungary Holidays

14 Days   

Date: TBA

Romania: 2 Days      Slovakia: ½ Day


18 Days                                            Date: TBA

Austria: 2 Days

Romania: 2½ Days 

More than a thousand years of history, great events, battles, kings, allies, intrigue and enemies, and sometimes peaceful years, the nomadic Magyars certainly made their mark in Europe. First by their equestrian finesse and unique culture, second by their cuisine which they believe is one of “only three world-class cuisines”, and last but not least, by their world-renowned wines.  You will certainly enjoy the pride they have in their ancient history, their colorful culture, and their warm willingness to demonstrate their rich heritage to visitors.  

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