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Join us on one of our personalized, luxury cultural vacations to select destinations in Europe and South Africa. Explore the wealth of well-preserved historical heritage in places that are off-the-beaten path. Immerse yourself in thought-provoking activities to uncover authentic customs that stood the test of time. Participate in interesting events to learn more about the mosaic of cultures that makes a destination special. Celebrate great events and party with the locals to cherish memorable experiences that will last a lifetime ...

Guided Small Group Tours

        Luxury, Exclusive, Authentic, Cultural Vacations

Experience  Authentic  Culture

Eclectic, enhancing and embracing; embroidered with simplicity and sophistication. These are our journeys

Travel is transformational and our exclusive luxury cultural vacations are meant for you to be transformed. We believe that travel should educate, enrich and give a better perception into the uniqueness of a destination.

Learn how PhenixII Tour Group's immersive journeys will transform you through memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.


14 & 18-day  Vacations 

Immersive Cultural Experiences

The Phenix Difference

Let PhenixII Tour Group take you on an amazing journey to engross yourself in an array of elegant art galleries, magnificent monuments, enlightening museums and eye-popping architecture of legendary, cosmopolitan and trendy cities.


Learn about the past lives of royalty and the aristocrats who once occupied noble castles, sophisticated chateaux and posh estates in iconic towns.

14 & 18-Day European Cultural Vacations

Diverse Germany

Travel with us to Germany’s romantic Rhineland Palatinate, unassuming Saarland and the mysterious Black Forest Let the little but stunningly beautiful region of Alsace in France enchant you with its delectable cuisine and Alsatian culture; and learn a few phrases of a unique language that isn’t quite French or German. Discover the secrets that makes tiny Luxembourg a highly valued partner in the European Union. and explore the history of the Duchy. 

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Intriguing Hungary

Be enchanted by locals in Hungary sharing ‘hidden’ secrets while plying you with their seriously intoxicating favorite Bikavér (“bull’s blood” literally). Watch the legendary Lippizaners in Austria strut their stuff. Experience old-world charm when you discover a city in Slovakia that is located on both banks of the romantic Danube. Engross yourself in Romania’s ancient customs, marvel at the world’s tallest wooden church, and admire intricate hand-made wooden designs.  ​

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Spellbinding Slovakia

Immerse yourself in Slovakia’s iconic history originating from ancient folklore that seem to differ from village to village. Discover the Hungarian ‘Cradle of Christianity’ to participate in immersive activities while learning about the captivating history of a 1 000-year old abbey. Make merry with the Czech Republic’s beer guzzlers to see if they are really the world’s biggest beer consumers and binge on molten chocolate in the country’s most stunning district of Moravia, and its customs.  ​

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Dreamy Switzerland

Discover the gracious Canton of Ticino, Switzerland to explore its storied Swiss and Italian cultural heritage. Marvel at posh architecture of Lakeside estates along glamorous Lake Como in Italy. Discover quaint villages set amid snow-capped mountains on the French side of Lake Geneva, and get another stunning view of Lake Geneva’s towering Jet d’Eau, the world’s tallest fountain from a French border village a stone’s throw from Geneva, while relaxing in a serene park that overlooks the lake.

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Luxury Vacation Planning

Let us plan your 'dream vacation' for you. We offer professional luxury vacation planning services so that you can enjoy a worry-free vacation in your preferred destination. Learn More ...


Bronze Level II & Silver VIP Club 

Qualify instantly for the Bronze Level II or Silver VIP Club Membership when we plan your vacation for you so you can reap exclusive rewards that are only available to VIP Club Members.  Read More ...


Phenix Rising Blog

Our blog is designed to keep you informed about our 14 and 18-day Vacation destinations, including ideas and resources to plan your own trip. 

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Western Cape South Africa

Learn more about South Africa's ancient history, the indigenous people who occupied the land thousands of years before the Europeans set foot on it, how they evolved into what is now known as the Coloured people of South Africa, as well as about the stunning Western Cape Province.  Read More ...

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Featured Destination: Germany

The places we visit during our vacation in Germany: Rheingau, Rhineland Palatinate, Saarland, Alsace and Luxembourg. 

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Plan Your Trip Travel Resources

If you prefer to plan your own trip, we provide you with easy access to travel resources to make your task easier. Choose from a variety of products, including: city passes, guided tours, venue tickets and easy access to iconic landmarks in London, New York City, Cape Town and much, much more. Read More ...

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