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Luxury Vacation Planning Services

Are you one of those people who planned a vacation and it was derailed by Covid-19 which resulted in the closing of borders within your country and beyond?


Are you unsure about safety regulations and how it will affect your travel plans right now?


Are you itching to travel but don’t want your travel plans to be disrupted … again?


Take heart. We are here to help.


We offer professional luxury vacation travel planning services so that you can enjoy a stress-free holiday. We do intensive research to create tailored, deluxe, and seamless vacations for Solo, Couples, and Group vacationers. 

Our services are tailored to your needs to give you the best options in accommodation, transportation, travel insurance, travel activities as well as provide you with accurate and up-to-date information about your destination and what you’ll need when you travel to your destination.


Allowing us to plan your next vacation for you will save you hours of trawling the internet, disappointments with pricing and cancellations, non-existent services from travel vendors, no-one to turn to should you experience any kind of emergency during your vacation, and a whole lot of other headaches.


We provide you with a wide variety of quality options to choose from, making sure that you get the best for your budget. We go the extra mile to ensure that all your travel needs are catered for so you can enjoy a stress-free trip. 

  Our Prestigious VIP Club ...

Free Level I Bronze Membership

We have started our very first VIP Club Membership program, and all our products are related to the VIP Club.

Bronze VIP Club Membership - Annual Spend: $0

You don't have to purchase a product to become a member as the Bronze level allows you to just subscribe to our newsletter and receive the guides for your Europe travels. Become a FREE Bronze VIP Club Member ... Join Here!

Bronze Level II & Silver Membership

Option 1: Bronze Level II VIP Club Member – Annual Spend

Option 2: Silver VIP Club Member – Annual Spend


When you request one of the services below, you will automatically become a VIP Club Member. Your VIP Membership Status will depend on the particular Tier that falls within your Annual Spend. The Annual Spend corresponds with the Luxury Vacation Booking Services Fees for a particular Tier. It should be noted that member rewards are different for each membership level. This means that as a VIP Club member you will receive exclusive rewards that are not available to non-members.


Keep in mind that the perfect vacation of a lifetime needs to be planned weeks ahead of time. So why not select your preferred package below to learn more? Push our buttons immediately thereafter ... if you think we're a good match. We promise that we'll get onto it right away!

       Products & Enquiries

         Solo Package: 
            1 Person
       Non-Refundable                  Deposit: $250
Enquire  Now 
         + 1 Companion
       Non-Refundable                  Deposit: $350
        Enquire Now
             Groups: + 3 
         Non-Refundable                  Deposit: $500
           Enquire Now
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