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Risk-Free Bookings Policies

Please read our Risk-Free Bookings Policies

14 & 18 Day Luxury, Exclusive, Authentic Cultural Vacations

Europe & South Africa



1.1. When you make a booking at any time, we only add your name to the "Booking" list, but it doesn’t mean that we actually “reserve your seat” for your preferred vacation package.

1.2. Being "Booked" on a tour doesn't imply that you have any intention to purchase the particular tour. However, your seat is secure up to 90 days (3 months) before departure of the tour; only if there are still vacant seats left. 


2.1 Reservations means that you officially purchase a vacation package and have paid for it. 


2.2. Reservations with Travel Suppliers are made 12 months before departure of the tour, and clients are added to Reservations as and when they purchase a package. 

2.3 Quotations for Reservations are valid up to 90 (ninety) days before departure of a tour, if there is a vacant seat. However, extra charges will apply for late (last-minute) reservations, based on Travel Supplier Terms and Conditions.


2.4. For your seat to be reserved on a particular tour, you have to email us at: with your request for a quotation.  Once you accept the quotation, you have to pay the required deposit or the full amount for the vacation.


2.5. When we have verified your payment with the bank, you are added to the "Reservations List".


2.6. The necessary documents will be emailed to you. The "Reservations Terms and Conditions" will be included which is separate from the "Booking Policies" stated here. Also included will be the "Cancellation Schedule" for the particular tour. 


2.7. Some of the documents have to be signed by you and certified by an authority in your country to confirm your acceptance, and returned to us by email at: 


2.8. You are allowed to switch your tour up to 90 days (3 months) before departure of the tour, and will be liable for all related charges, including if the price for the 'new' tour exceeds that of the one you were originally booked on. You are also allowed to transfer your tour to another person provided the tour has been paid for in full and the requested transfer to another party is received 90 days (3 months) before departure of the tour. Related charges for such changes will be paid by you. 


2.9. Cancellation of tours are allowed up to 90 days (3 months) before departure of a tour. Only in "Special" circumstances will cancellations be allowed after this period. You are responsible for all cancellation-related charges which could be up to 80% from services providers, banking fees incurred by PhenixII Tour Group for the refund, as well as administration fees incurred by PhenixII Tour Group.  




​3.1. "Booking" means that we only add you to the booking list of your choice of vacation. 

3.2. "Reservation" means that we only reserve your seat for your chosen vacation AFTER you've requested/accepted a quote from us and paid the required deposit/full amount for the vacation. This also means that we include you in reservations made with service providers. 

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