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Eclectic, enhancing and embracing; embroidered with simplicity and sophistication. These are our journeys. 

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Become love-struck with the patina of villages and hamlets set amid dramatic mountains, sparkling streams, and lush vegetation. Take a stroll along bewitching cobble-stone streets. Learn the history of elegant and the not-so-elegant buildings lining the streets. Take the weight off your feet while enjoying a cold snack at a side-walk café. Enjoy the tranquil scene of stunning ancient squares with puzzling but interesting statues begging your attention.


Take a walk through romantic terraced vineyards to learn more about the age-old processes to produce quality wines. Enjoy refreshing sips of renowned wines in family-owned vineyards where the trade has been passed down through generations.


Bathe yourself in the whimsical atmosphere of village life as you immerse yourself in the local culture. Join the locals on a trip down memory lane, as they tell you the most captivating stories that only they know about. Take advantage of the amiable disposition of the locals; hold your breath, and take a gulp of their famous and unique liquors that you won't find in another destination.


Visit a nearby town to make sure that you didn’t die and go to heaven whilst you were enjoying the harmonious rural setting. Brace yourself as you encounter a culture that is vastly different to the one that you’ve just left behind. Learn the history of the graceful and historic monuments and buildings in vibrant streets. Step into a stunning gallery and stand in awe of the talents of well-known local artists. Amble down ancient streets in archaeological sites to get a real "feel" for what the inhabitants experienced as they struggled to build their magnificent empires.


Imagine that you’re one of the royals that once graced a posh castle endowed with the most elaborate furnishings and other paraphernalia that makes the destinations legendary. Don a toga and pretend that you're commanding an army of the great and powerful Roman Empire, as you participate in a thrilling historic event that has been celebrated for decades. Let skilled knights teach you the art of falconry; or maybe a spot of archery will do?    


Dine at an impressive castle where you can experience what life was like during the Middle Ages. Take your taste-buds on a wonderful journey of unusual, but tasty local cuisine in cozy restaurant settings. Take time out to relax in a pub or jazz club where locals embrace visitors. And if you’re up to it, take a pub crawl and make the most of visiting different pubs to enrich your knowledge about the local ‘pub culture’. If you just love to dazzle everyone with your brilliant dancing skills – a superior night-club will be perfect for you. Or, if not, why not join the locals in their traditional dancing and singing at a cultural and folkloric event?

Take a dip in the healthy natural spas that Europe is famous for. And if that's not enough for you, be pampered by friendly and experienced attendants for a refreshing massage or two. 

And last but not least, enjoy the company of your local and knowledgeable guide to uncover secret places that you won’t discover on your own.


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Experience a combination of top-class, ordinary and traditional services for an exciting and varied experience.

* Round-trip, Premium Economy/Business Class Airline tickets; * Private airport transfers; * Air-conditioned mini-coach, other land and water transport; * Visa arrangements; * 3 – 5-star Accommodation;                * Welcome & Farewell dinners * 3-4 star Dining throughout the tour; * Spa treatment; * Caring and experienced tour leader; * Local and knowledgeable tour guides.

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