Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing, Booking & Discounts

How long have you been in business and what can you offer me that's different to other tour operators or the internet?

Since 2016. * Small intimate groups; * Personalized services with a focus on each member in the group; * Local experts with superior knowledge and intensive experience working with small groups; * Top-class services from providers with exceptional reputations in the local and overseas travel market; * Professional tour leader with first-aid experience to accompany you throughout the tour; * Local guides who uncover secrets that you would otherwise never learn about; * Exciting, unusual and fun activities for an immersive experience and exposure to unique customs; * Villages, hamlets and small towns with a wealth of historic heritage and a rich culture.

What is your idea of luxury?

We do all the leg-work. You get to go about your daily business, and focus on and anticipate having the holiday of a lifetime.

What are the prices of packages?

Prices for basic services within destinations are the same for all clients. Package prices vary based on current pricing for airline tickets, airline landing, baggage and baggage handling fees, visas, and door-to-door private transfer from/to home/airport.

What does "all-inclusive" mean?

End-to-end travel services, including private door-to-door transfers from/to home/airport.

Is there anything that I have to do to receive my visa?

Yes. You have to take your legal passport to the destination's consulate/embassy nearest to you, as photocopies are not allowed. You will be given contact and other details after arrangements have been made, to complete the process. Processing of visas will take approximately 2 - 4 weeks, and will be couriered to you.

How will I receive my airline tickets and travel insurance documents?

It will be couriered to you approximately 3 - 2 months before commencement of the tour.

What is included in my travel insurance?

Comprehensive Travel Insurance features: * Emergency medical and related expenses, including pre-existing medical conditions (declared) and hospitalisation expenses; * Personal accident, death and permanent disability cover, including assistance in the event of death and relocation of remains; * Trip cancellation for several reasons, including loss of valuables; * Inconvenience cover for theft or damage to baggage/personal items and loss of cash/travel documents; * Personal liability, kidnap and wrongful detention.

What do I do if I want to make a booking?

Request a quotation. Proof of acceptance of the quote will be based on your payment for the tour.

How long are quotations valid for?

Up to 90 days before commencement of a tour.

What discounts do you offer?

A. VIP Members - discount vouchers and rewards for referrals for those who received vouchers from us; B. Exclusive Members - discounts and rewards for referrals to members of our approved partners on presentation of vouchers; C. Direct bookings - those who do not fall into the above categories. NOTE: Discounts vary in each of the above instances, and those in category A. & B. receive exceptional benefits and awards because of their membership status.

What are the payment options?

* Website Payments: Credit/Debit Card and PayPal; * Manual Payments - Direct Deposit: (a) Foreign US$ Payments: SWIFT (Bank Telegraphic Transfer) or EFT; (b) Local SA Rand Payments: Direct bank deposit or EFT.

Are there any health and age restrictions?

Yes. You must be an adult aged 23-70 and must be fit, healthy and able to do lots of walking. Our group ages focus on people who are open-minded and able to socialize within the group ages mentioned.

Will I receive information about the company's internal processes and information about the tour/destination?

Yes. You will receive information about our company and its processes. You will also receive extensive information to prepare you for the trip.

Cancellation, Replacements & Refunds

What are your cancellation policies?

Up to 90 (ninety) days before commencement of a tour. Each destination has different cancellation schedules and cancellation fees are based on the month you cancel a tour. Schedules are included in the Client Agreement.

What charges are involved in cancellation?

(i) Cancellation fee; (ii) Bank charges for the refund to you; (iii) Reservation cancellation fees (based on supplier's cancellation policies).

Am I allowed to switch tours?

Yes. Tour replacement requests must be received 90 (ninety) days before commencement of both tours. Original documents (airline tickets, insurance) must be couriered back to the office in order to cancel the old ones and replace them with the new ones.

Am I allowed to transfer my booking to another person nominated by me?

Yes. The Client replacement request must be received 90 (ninety) days before commencement of a tour. The airline tickets and insurance documents must be returned by courier for cancellation and replacement with the new Client. New visas will be requested, for the new client.

What happens if I have to cancel my original booking after the 90-day cancellation period due to unforeseen circumstances?

You have to provide certified proof of illness/death (yourself, a close family member/loved one). Also bear in mind that cancellation charges will be double the amount you would've paid if you had cancelled 3 months before commencement of the tour, and that supplier reservation cancellation fees might be up to 80%.


What's the accommodation like?

A combination of: (ii) Villages, hamlets and small towns: 3 - 4-star, comfortable with modern amenities - guest house, family-run establishments, home/farm-stays; (ii) Cities and big towns: 3-5-star guest house/boutique hotels, modern amenities.

Are there safes/safety deposit boxes and luggage storage in establishments?

Not all establishments have these facilities, and you are advised to travel with lockable luggage, and to keep valuables on your person when you're out and about.

What valuables can I take with me?

We suggest that you leave expensive jewellery at home if possible, as you don't want to scream "wealthy tourist" to avoid drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. If you have to take valuables of emotional value with you, make sure that you have extra insurance at home to cover the cost for loss.

When is departure to/from the tour destination?

Arrival: 2 days before the start of the tour Departure: 2 day after conclusion of the tour.

What happens when I arrive in the tour destination?

(i) Airport: You are met at the airport by the local tour guide who will assist you with your baggage and accompany you to your shuttle to take you to the accommodation; (ii) Accommodation: the tour leader from our office will welcome you and show you to your room; (iii) Introductory Meeting; (iv) Walking Tour/Sauna; (v) Welcome Dinner;

Which meals are included?

Dining throughout the tour is included. Lunch, morning and afternoon snacks are not included. Lunch and snack breaks of 1 hour wherever possible. It should be noted that distances between places doesn't always allow for groups to have leisurely morning and afternoon snack breaks.

How must I dress for dinner?

(i) Welcome/Farewell: smart, casual; (ii) Normal Dining: casual, comfortable.

What type of evening entertainment is provided?

Jazz, soul and dance clubs, pubs and bars, and some unusual local entertainment.

What type of activities will I engage in?

Site visits, wine and chocolate-tastings, artisan exhibitions and workshops, city sightseeing and other activities that are unique to the destination.

Are entry fees for activities and clubs included?

Yes. Tips are not included, and it's up to you to decide how to tip at restaurants. It should also be noted that entry is free at some places, and it's entirely up to individuals to give a donation.

Are alcoholic drinks included?

No. Except at wine and other alcohol tastings, as well as pub-crawling where reservations have been made.

What is a day's itinerary like?

* Breakfast; * Tour activities; * Lunch, morning and afternoon snack breaks; * Dining; * Evening entertainment.

Are we allowed to return to the accommodation any time we want to in the evening?

This will depend on the group. There are no strict rules, and decisions have to be discussed with the rest of the members in the group, the tour leader and the drivers.

What type of land transport will be used during the tour?

Luxury, air-conditioned mini-bus with 2 registered and qualified drivers throughout the tour. Proof of driver registrations/qualifications will be provided to you before commencement of the tour.

How small are the groups?

(i) Minimum: 8 people; (ii) Maximum: 10 - 12 people.

Am I allowed to engage in an activity that is not included in the itinerary?

Yes. We don't expect our groups to "walk in formation like a bunch of soldiers". However, all the members of the group must be in agreement, and the other important factor to consider is the type of activity, whether it will put you and the group in danger and whether it replaces an activity where reservations have been made.

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