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About Us

Eclectic, enhancing and embracing; embroidered with simplicity and sophistication. These are our journeys.

We are a registered, small brand located in Johannesburg South Africa. The founder of the company is Jane (Jani) Davids. My love-affair with travel started at school with lots of reading, a love of history and trips to Kwa-Zulu Natal (with my dad who was an ex-boxer turned trainer) for boxing tournaments and a hockey tournament (I played hockey); after school I lived in the Western Cape for two years to attend the University of the Western Cape. I chucked my Librarianship studies after two years to start a career in the Banking industry, moved on to Reinsurance, and finally, started my tour operator business.  

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To become the company of choice for discerning luxury travelers who are on a mission to discover places that are off the map, learn about the histories, and explore the customs and cultures of the destinations they visit; through experiences based on interaction with the locals and the active pursuit of creative activities.


To create journeys that are meaningful, life-changing, enlightening, broadens horizons, shatters stereotypical perceptions and enriches the soul.

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