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Our Story

We are a registered, small brand located in Johannesburg South Africa. The founder of the company is Jane (Jani) Davids. Her love-affair with travel started with lots of reading and a love of history. While at school, she often went on trips to Durban in Kwa Zulu Natal with a friend of her parents, and later for a hockey tournament. These trips were her first foray into travel. 


Her next foray after high school was to the Western Cape to study at the University of the Western Cape. Although she chucked her studies during her second year, she had achieved her dream of learning more about the culture and customs of the region, which differs much from that of Johannesburg. This was also her main reason to go to another province to study. 


What further motivated her was a trip her mum took to Israel and Europe soon after she started working. Listening to all the stories about the trip further infused her desire for travel. Like mum, like daughter - never to miss an opportunity to travel, even if it's just within the country. 


And because all of her travel dreams were still unfulfilled and seemed aeon's away, she decided the best place to start is by establishing her own tour operator business ... PhenixII Tour Group was born.

The name 'Phenix' was derived from the original legend of the Phoenix, to remind her that in order to realize her dream to see and travel the world, she has to be actively involved in travel. The Phoenix represents renewal ... and like the legend, travel represents just that. Renewal of the spirit, mind and body, for a richer life.


Creating extraordinary 14 and 18-day tours for a diverse group of travelers is complicated. Especially since our tours are designed to include the young at heart and Millennials. We believe that 'multi-generational' doesn't only mean families, but also groups from different generations who are not necessarily related.


Our focus is on renewing your spirit, your mind and your body; like in the legend of the Phoenix. You deserve it. After working hard and smart to maintain your lifestyle. Our vacations are based on rejuvenating you. 

We therefore take a holistic approach that is focused on each individual's ultimate 'travel motivator'. Careful measuring of a variety of factors help us and our clients to design itineraries that speak to each individual differently.


Collaboration with our clients before the tour helps us to understand our clients' need for travel. Our groups are also given opportunities to interact with each other before the tour, giving each person a 'voice' to raise their different needs with each other. Thus eliminating the challenges that might prevent each individual to fit snugly into a group. 


Our collaboration with our clients during the tour helps us to keep a sharp eye out for any mishaps. Our collaboration with our clients after the tour helps us to eliminate partners who didn't deliver on promises. So that we can improve our offerings as we grow together with our clients.

Our groups are small, diverse, like-minded travelers who love the idea of being part of an intimate group. When we say small, we mean small - like 10-people small. Diverse groups (again our opinion) could be a family or friend group, as well as a group from different places in the world and from different backgrounds. After all, family and friend groups tend to be diverse as well, aren't they? 


Our vacations are therefore suited to anyone who wants to share a vacation with us, making it especially attractive to solo travelers, male or female. Female solo travelers feel safer traveling within a group, and will also fit in with the particular like-minded group.

Our focus is on giving you an experience that is truly unique. We combine some elements of luxury with exclusive, personalized, and plain down-to-earth; to give you the best of both worlds. We provide this quality through well-established, professional and expert local partnerships. What separates us from the pack is that we understand your basic need for travel – and go the extra mile to find out more about you to give you an extraordinary experience.

We intend to break the stereotypical and traditional idea of what luxury travel actually means.  Because we know that it means different things to different people. This is what makes us experts in designing itineraries that will speak to each individual differently; and ensure that each person’s idea of a ‘holiday of a lifetime’ is fulfilled. 


   Luxury Travel Planning Services 

We offer professional vacation planning services for people who lead busy lifestyles. This gives them the time to focus their energy on the most important tasks in their busy schedules. It also allows them to get more family and friend's quality time. Key takeaway? Acing the rat-race so you can live a quality life!



To become the company of choice for discerning luxury travelers who are on a mission to discover places that are off the map, learn about the histories, and explore the customs and cultures of the destinations they visit; through experiences based on interaction with the locals and the active pursuit of creative activities.



To create journeys that are meaningful, life-changing, enlightening, broadens horizons, shatters stereotypical perceptions and enriches the soul.

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