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We are a registered, small brand located in Johannesburg South Africa. The founder of the company is Jane (Jani) Davids. My love-affair with travel started at school with lots of reading, a love of history and trips to Kwa-Zulu Natal (with my dad who was an ex-boxer turned trainer) for boxing tournaments and a hockey tournament (I played hockey); after school I lived in the Western Cape for two years to attend the University of the Western Cape. I chucked my Librarianship studies after two years and started a career in the banking industry.


These trips, including a trip that my mom took to Israel and Europe created a desire in me to travel and see the world. However, this just never seemed to peter out, so I decided that the only way I’ll ever get to see the world was to start my own tour operator business … and PhenixII Tour Group was born. I have never looked back since, and my passion for travel has grown exponentially; to the point that I now have the opportunity help others explore their great passion for travel by offering them high quality tours that they would love

We combine our knowledge about our clients with the expertise of local, highly skilled professionals located within the destinations; to provide genuine immersive cultural vacations to travelers. Our experts have superb track records in the travel industry and specialize in working with small groups from the luxury sector only. The outcome of our bespoke itineraries is that each person receives what they expected from the tour and much more – for we also aim to exceed expectations.


Our personalized services are based on taking a holistic approach that focuses on each individual in the group’s ultimate ‘travel motivator’. Since we know and understand that each individual has different needs and motivations for travel, we carefully measure a variety of factors to design cultural journeys that speak to each person differently. We do this in collaboration with our clients and only present what we and our clients have decided to our partners afterward. Our combined expertise allows us to create marvelous and magical journeys that you will rave about.

We offer 14 and 18-day luxury, personalized authentic cultural vacation packages to select destinations in Europe, and still to come, South Africa.


We believe that travel is transformational. Our cultural vacations to select destinations in Europe and South Africa relate very well to the ‘legend of the Phoenix’ – you will be truly ‘reborn’ after having visited one of our destinations. You get to be up close and personal with the inhabitants in an immersive environment; to learn more about their culture, their lifestyle and what makes them tick. We strive to make the cultural experience for each individual in our groups educational, informative, enlightening, interesting, and, most of all, great fun.


We know that ‘luxury travel’ means different things to different people. Since we don’t have a “one glove fits all” mentality, our activities are aimed at both the young and the young at heart. Join us for an extraordinary cultural journey - to places you might never have heard of or even knew existed!


To become the company of choice for discerning luxury travelers who are on a mission to discover places that are off the map, learn about the histories, and explore the customs and cultures of the destinations they visit; through experiences based on interaction with the locals and the active pursuit of creative activities.


To create journeys that are meaningful, life-changing, enlightening, broadens horizons, shatters stereotypical perceptions and enriches the soul.

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