Our Story

We are a registered, small brand located in Johannesburg South Africa.


We create bespoke 14 and 18-day all-inclusive, luxury, authentic cultural holiday packages.  Our packages are for travelers who seek an experience that is different and not just “mediocre dressed up in luxury”.

Luxury 14 & 18 Day Vacations


Our focus is on giving you an experience that is truly unique. We combine some elements of luxury with exclusive, personalized, and plain down-to-earth; to give you the best of both worlds. We provide this quality through well-established, professional and expert local partnerships. What separates us from the pack is that we understand your basic need for travel – and go the extra mile to find out more about you to give you an extraordinary experience.

We intend to break the stereotypical and traditional idea of what luxury travel actually means.  Because we know that it means different things to different people.  

Our groups are small and intimate … no more than ten people per group. We take a holistic approach to measure what is most important to each individual in our groups.

We understand that it’s difficult for people with different characters to fit snugly into a group. We therefore focus on each individual’s need for travel.

This is what makes us experts in designing itineraries that will speak to each individual differently; and ensure that each person’s idea of a ‘holiday of a lifetime’ is fulfilled.

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Luxury Travel Planning Services 

We work with smaller vendors and boutique suppliers as we endeavor to recommend the best places, venues and other travel activities, as opposed to recommendations based on the percentage of commission we will be paid. Since we work with smaller vendors and boutique suppliers, we don’t receive commission for making bookings on your behalf. Hence we charge you a small fee for each service that we have to book on your behalf.      


We research hotels, resorts, guided tours and other travel industry suppliers to meet your specific needs, contact suppliers, make bookings/reservations, coordinate land and water transportation, and draft itineraries. We also provide you with recommendations for other activities based on input received from you, as well as on-trip support and after-trip feedback to gauge the level of service provided by travel service providers. Our services are aimed at giving you as smooth a vacation as possible.


Once we have drafted your preliminary itinerary, you are free to shop it on the Internet, or in whatever way you prefer. If you choose to book your vacation with another travel company or decide that you’d rather plan it yourself, the “Plan To Travel” deposit will be retained by PhenixII Tour Group as payment for services rendered.

All vacations arranged through PhenixII Tour Group offer peace of mind, as we are experienced professionals in the business of planning individual travel for sophisticated travelers who demand the most dedicated individual attention to detail and execution of a well-planned vacation. 

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To become the company of choice for discerning luxury travelers who are on a mission to discover places that are off the map, learn about the histories, and immerse themselves in the customs of the destinations they visit.



To create journeys that are meaningful, life-changing, enlightening, broadens horizons, shatters stereotypical perceptions and enriches the soul.

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