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Gold  & Platinum VIP Club Membership

Gold VIP Club Member:  6-Month Term Agreement

Gold VIP Club Member: 3-Month Term Agreement

When you purchase one of our 14 or 18-day Luxury, All-Inclusive Cultural Vacation  Packages, you automatically qualify for the Gold & Platinum VIP Club Membership. The quote that will be sent to you (on your request) will have a section where you can confirm that you are signing up for membership. This is optional, but if you do confirm, you can opt-out any time by filling in the form on the Contact Us page or emailing us at

Special Invitations

"Special Invitations" are reserved for those who pay a once-off amount for a vacation (full price of the tour). You will be upgraded to a higher level of tiers, and it's up to you to accept the invitation.


Invitations to this level of tiers are only provided AFTER you've participated in the particular tour; and not at the time payment is made, before departure or during the tour.

Each level of tiers offers different rewards - the higher the tier, the better and more exclusive the rewards.

Please Note: When you opt in, you are just added to the booking list. Only once you've requested/paid for a quote will your seat be officially reserved. You can opt out at any time should you decide not to make a reservation. 

Request more info about our Gold and Platinum VIP Membership by submitting the form on our Contact Us page, or email us at:

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