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Gold  & Platinum VIP Club Membership

Gold VIP Club Member:  6-Month Term Agreement

Gold VIP Club Member: 3-Month Term Agreement

There are two Tiers, namely, Stage I & Stage II Tiers. Each Tier consist of different levels. 

Gold and Platinum VIP Club Membership falls under Stage I Tier. 

To qualify for Stage II Tier, certain conditions have to be met, and is by invitation only. 

Each level of tiers offer different rewards - the higher the tier, the better and more exclusive the rewards. 

Request more info about our VIP Club Membership by submitting the form on our Risk-Free Bookings Page page, or email us at:

When you make a Reservation for one of our 14 or 18-day Luxury, Personalized Cultural Vacation Packages, you automatically qualify for the Gold & Platinum VIP Club Membership. The quotation form will have a section where you can indicate your interest in the club.

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