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Exclusive Services

Immersive & Enlightening

Genuine Cultural Experiences

Exclusive & Personalised

De Luxe & Uncomplicated Services

All-Inclusive & High Quality 

Seamless Travel Experiences

No Strings Attached Bookings

No-Obligation Bookings & Exclusive VIP Club Rewards

Experience Genuine Culture Through Immersive Experiences


If you’re tired of the generalized view of what a luxury vacation should and shouldn’t be, then join us on one of our European tours. As beauty is said to be “in the eye of the beholder” the same can indeed be said about a genuine, authentic luxury cultural experience.


Our tours are different. They allow you to see the destination through the eyes of its inhabitants. Fulfill your passion to learn more, experience more, and understand more about the unique characteristics of a destination. Join us on one of our memorable European vacations.

Risk-Free Bookings


Making a booking ensures that you are added to our reservations list only, and you are under no obligation to purchase a vacation package. It ensures that your seat will be secure if you do decide to travel with us. However, we cannot guarantee your seat if it's a late reservation (3 months before departure) since our groups are small and there may not be any available seats at this point. 

Exclusive VIP Club Rewards


When you make a booking, we also automatically add you as an esteemed and valued VIP Club Member. This is also non-obligatory and you can unsubscribe at any time. As a VIP Club Member you will receive exclusive rewards that are reserved for VIP Club Members only.

De Luxe & Uncomplicated Services


Our offerings are a variety of de luxe combined with uncomplicated services and activities. Our destinations have been carefully selected so that you can discover what makes it special. The substance of our itineraries are truly as varied as the European culture. Europe's allure ... stunning landscapes, romantic and fairy-tale villages, vibrant cities, awe-inspiring history and a mosaic of exciting cultures. 

All-Inclusive Vacation Packages


Our vacation packages are all-inclusive and we take care of all your travel needs. Our partners have been carefully selected so you can enjoy high-quality, personalized and exclusive services before and throughout your vacation.

* Transportation;

* Visa/ETIAS arrangements;

* Travel Insurance;

* Unique and exciting activities;

* Great 1:1 support - before, during and after a tour;

* + much more!

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