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Small Group Tours


Small Groups

Get acquainted with your small intimate group of no more than 10 like-minded people who share your passion for cultural tours. Enjoy an array of exclusive, personalized services for a richer experience. 


Famous Landmarks

Engross yourself in an array of stylish art galleries, imposing monuments, fantastic museums and the dramatic architecture of magnificent, cosmopolitan and trendy cities.


Imposing Castles & Historic Chateaux

Learn about the past lives of royalty and the aristocrats who once occupied noble castles, sophisticated chateaux and posh estates in legendary towns.


Tranquil Villages

Relish a stroll through cobbled streets and lanes in a tranquil village where the absence of cars perfectly match the calm demeanor of the residents in stunning surroundings.


Exciting Events & Games

Enjoy scintillating folkloric celebrations and participate in unique, whimsical activities of mystery and adventure, rub shoulders with locals.


Relax, Dance & Pub Crawl

Relax in a glamorous jazz bar and dance the night away at a pulsating nightclub. Drink 'til you drop as you crawl from pub to pub.


Chic Restaurants, Medieval Dining, Village Pubs

Enjoy a scrumptious dinner at a chic restaurant, indulge in Medieval fare of kings and queens at a graceful castle and grab a quick bite at a village pub after escorting the town crier on his walk through town, while sharing some of the town’s hidden secrets with you.


Boutique Hotels, Rural Guest Houses & Home-Stays

Overnight in luxurious boutique accommodation in cities and towns, stunning guest houses with modern amenities and spend a day with a local family who are keen to show off their humble lifestyle to visitors.


Spa Treatment, Warm Springs & Exotic Pools

Be pampered at a spa, revive your aching muscles in the healing waters of natural warm springs and take a dip in an unusual cave swimming pool. ​

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