Introduction Stage: The fee mentioned is for this phase of the planning, and is non-refundable. It includes: * Collaboration to learn more about you and your planned trip; * Research & Planning: In-depth questions/feedback between you and the office, preparation/collaboration with regard to Preliminary Itinerary. It should be noted that the preliminary itinerary will include details like names, contact details, etc. for you to double-check whether the particular travel partners/establishments are appropriate for your travel needs. * Validation: for you to double-check that previous discussions are in line with what has been agreed/disagreed between us, and amendments/corrections to be made.  


Bookings (Reservations) Stage;; your acceptance of our proposal and your authorisation giving us the go-ahead with making bookings on your behalf. Payment for this stage is due before we go ahead with your travel bookings. It should be noted that our fees mentioned in the agreement will be per person.


Final Itinerary: this is presented to you after bookings/reservations have been made on your behalf.

Luxury Vacations Planning: + 1 Companion

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  • 1. Non-refundable fee for the introduction stage. You are free to shop around for better offers after we’ve completed this stage.

    2. Travel Suppliers: cancellation will be dependent on their cancellation terms and conditions. We will provide you with information relating to their cancellation terms.

    3. PhenixII Tour Group: cancellation after Booking (Reservation): we will provide you with an agreement before we proceed with this stage. Cancellation terms and conditions will be included in the agreement.