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Germany: Luxury, Authentic Cultural Holidays

Rhineland Palatinate is a German state of fairy tales and legends, and is also home to no fewer than six wine-growing regions. Trekking through the region, you will walk through terraced vineyards cascading down hill slopes, wander from one castle to the next, and delight in the search for the mighty footprint of the Roman Empire. 

Saarland has changed nationalities eight times during the past 200 years, therefore, today’s Saarland has a distinct French influence. The cuisine of the region reflects a mixture of both German and French traces. You can well imagine yourself enjoying a meal in a Roman villa or at a medieval festival, or having tea in a baroque palace, while ending the day with an evening of jazz against the backdrop of gigantic blast furnaces.Baden-Württemberg and the Black Forest is known for dense forests, fertile valleys and alpine foothills. The open-air museum will give you an intellectual insight into some of the crafts of the region.


10 Days Holiday 2020

Ref: E5A-GER

31 July to 09 August


France 2½ days

14 Days Holiday 2020

Ref: E5-GER

03 August to 16 August


Luxembourg 2 days

France 2½ days

As you try your hand at one of the crafts, you will soon find out whether you missed your vocation in life. The age-old art of German clock-making will let you gape in wonder at the finesse employed in the trade, and a tobacco museum will enlighten your knowledge of a pass-time that is fast becoming a serious no-no to most.  


Enjoy a combination of French flair interspersed with German influences as you explore the Grand Est region. Set amid rolling hills, nature reserves and rivers, military history abounds with many World War I battlefields. The towns have a fascinating heritage to explore, including exceptional artistic and cultural heritage.

On the Route des Vins you will explore some of the most interesting and enchanting of the 90 small towns and villages. In the enchanting medieval villages the white wines are crisp, and the champagnes are for novices and connoisseurs. The mood is relaxed and the inhabitants willing to let you into their world. 


Think Luxembourg, think Schengen.  Think about General Patton Memorial Museum and and how his troops liberated the town of Ettelbruck from the German invasion during World War II.  Apart from these major incidents that Luxembourg is known for, it is also known for being the only Grand Duchy in the world, and to describe the culture simply as being ‘diverse’ is an understatement. It has over 70 nationalities, making it seriously multicultural and multilingual. But this doesn’t mean that there is a lack of genuine customs to discover. Most of the country’s major landmarks are in Luxembourg City, but outside of the city, there is much that you’ll discover in the small towns and villages tucked away amid awesome scenery. As you traipse around the country and its remarkable countryside, you will stumble upon old fortresses. Beautiful castles sitting among forested scenery will remind you of fairytales. In a quaint and quiet village, you will find an unexpected wine museum, and in others, pretty little churches and even a town with  one of the country’s biggest spa’s. An impressive abbey with a delightful museum and a magnificent white marble sarcophagus containing the remains of the founder of the abbey, will fascinate you. You will find a Roman archaeological site that includes a Roman villa and an underground aqueduct amazing, as you unearth how the Romans lived in ancient times.  

And if you love your guzzle, you will be awed by the civilized and convivial drinking culture. But the lack of tourist hordes will soon make you forget that “these people don’t know how to drink”.