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Hungary: Luxury, Authentic Cultural Holidays


10 Days Holiday 2020

Ref: E3A-HUN

04 September to 13 September


Romania 2 days

Slovakia ½ day

14 Days Holiday 2020

Ref: E3-HUN

14 September to 27 September


Austria 2 days

Romania 2½ days

Apparently, the Hungarians rode their way into the Carpathian Basin, which they “conquered on horseback”. It must be true if you look at their finesse in Puszta equine shows. There’s also more than goulash and paprika to the country. There’s Bull’s Blood, or Egri Bikavér,  a red blend of wine produced in the beautiful region of Eger. When you visit this beautiful city you’ll learn about the legend around it. On your journey you will explore a treasure-trove of Roman ruins and imagine how the royals lived when you admire the striking medieval townhouses. The neoclassical and baroque cathedrals and castles will take away your breath. You’ll suffer an unexplained itch as an excuse to take a dip in an art nouveau bath house.

Your journey through villages, towns and cities will give you a sense of the varied Hungarian culture. And you will feel their deep connection to their colourful customs as you immerse yourself in it. The traditional music at a táncházak (dance house or peasant rave) will make your feet take on a life of their own - as they go-a-tapping or take to the dance floor.

Styria Austria

The ‘Green Heart’ of Austria is interspersed with large forests and inviting vineyards. Among the valleys, mountains, and lakes, you will stumble upon incredible old castles and medieval towns boasting a plethora of fantastic historic and cultural sites. Impressive architecture will remind you of the glory days of Austria. Take a stroll where emperors once dwelled in magnificent castles surrounded by historical gardens. Explore the former haunts of the noble and less noble knights of old. Be impressed by the charming regional architecture – from burgher houses to town halls, churches, monasteries and medieval tower gates. Experience a traditional and friendly atmosphere. Guide yourself through the history of King Richard’s imprisonment after returning from the Third Crusade. An abbey library with leather-bound books and a fresco, an incredible church adorned in marble and gold, depicts the importance of religious institutions in this part of the world.


Bratislava region is characterised by two things that are equally important to man - water and wine. The viticulture history  of the region goes back 2,500 years with the Celts who inhabited the country. Experience old-fashioned charm as you visit a city that is located on both banks of the Danube.  Learn about the glorious past of the Hapsburgs, Napoléon, the Nazi and the Communist era’s. Step back in time in the old town, as you wander through the narrow cobble-stoned streets. Whimsical statues give you a glimpse into the quirkier side of the region. While you’d expect most border towns to be busy with traffic and hordes of people crowding the streets, you will revel in this quiet border town. Because you will uncover the secrets of why the rulers and court of the Kingdom of Hungary frequented this town, and why the fort is the largest bastion fortification in Central Europe.


While most people associate Transylvania with Dracula, very few even know it’s located in Romania. However, you won’t be going on a scary trip of being bitten by vampires and bats; rather you will be bitten by the age-old traditions and vibrant history. The ancient hamlets and amazing wooden churches and monasteries  in places where the locals still breed animals for food, and use horse-drawn carts to get around, will humble you. Local artisans will leave you agape as they fashion household items and tools with their hands. The brief time spent with locals will give you invaluable insight into a daily life that has disappeared in most modern households. Fascinating Saxon fortresses, magnificent castles, and colourful baroque buildings will come as a wonderful surprise to you. And the vibrant city nightlife will remind you that it is a country of great contrasts.