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Switzerland: Luxury, Authentic Cultural Holidays

Neutral Switzerland managed to avoid involvement in invasions by other nations. Apart from a relatively brief and peaceful annexation by France under Napoleon from 1798 to 1815, the country has not been invaded by any foreign country for over 350 years. The infamous warmongers most probably skipped it because of its absolute beauty, which intimidated them. From Canton to Canton, you are enveloped in a variety of Swiss, Italian and French cultures. Sample the mouth-watering cheeses. Delight in the exotic chocolate. Flap your ears to the haunting sounds of the alpine horns amid the yodels. Get lost in time as you admire ancient and new time-pieces.Indulge yourself in scrumptious cuisine. Down the country’s best wines. Relax to the soothing sounds of jazz and soul. This is Switzerland at its very best.    


10 Days Holiday 2020

Ref: E9A-SWI

31 July to 09 August


France 2½ days

14 Days Holiday 2020

Ref: E9-SWI

27 July to 09 August


Italy 2 days

France 2½ days

France & Lake Geneva

The French side of Lake Geneva is known for its quaint, charming little villages, medieval towns and serene views of snow-capped mountains. Stroll along narrow streets in the old town centres and wander around cobble-stone alleys, to discover shops, boutiques, side-walk café’s and interesting architecture.  Delving into the sites and landmarks, you will discover that although tranquil, there is no shortage of historic heritage to keep you busy for hours. At a spring professed to have healing powers, you’ll be amazed by the sight of people filling dozens of bottles with the spring’s water. A delightful town with great historical and artistic interest will introduce you to the river trade from the first century onwards. Learn about an important Middle Ages trading centre as you land at the meeting point of Roman roads and many inland waterways.

Northern Italy

Northern Italy includes the popular lake districts including Como and Iseo, parts of lake Maggiore and Garda. Oodles of history reflected in the beautiful architecture await as you stroll along pretty Lake Como. Stand in awe of stunning lakeside villas that tell tales of a decadent era. Sip coffee on the lakeside promenade, and be jostled out of your reverie by the ringing of the bells in the basilica. Enjoy extraordinary exhibitions of contemporary art in a palace where great suffering was endured, without having to fear the ghosts of tortured souls. Jump onto a little tourist train to take in the dreamy scenery. Pop into a delightful restaurant to dig into mouth-watering Italian fare. Take an evening walk in the little streets and follow the tradition of enjoying the best ice cream. Pound the streets for bars where you can slosh away at lovely cocktails and choice wines, and end the night at a music venue to relax or dance the night away.